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My sister used to sunbathe in baby oil to get the deepest tan.

Three decades later she asked me a favor.

Back in the day, I kidded my sister that I thought I could fry bacon on her back when she was sunbathing.

Now she wants to enjoy the sun without the danger.

 This is where I come in.

By Mike Nealy

My sister and I are a lot older now and any baby oil is used on her grandkids.  Still, my sister wants to enjoy the sun and that's why she asked me a favor.

Since I’m tinkerer, she asked me to create a parasol that had the maximum UV protection possible.  “Parasols don’t already have UV protection?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “very few do, and I want as much protection as I can get when we’re outside.  I’ve already had some skin cancer.”

I didn’t think this would be difficult a parasol with max UV protection.


Umbrasolla has a high tech reflective fabric layer that provides 99% UV protection.

“Oh,” my sister said, “can you put a detachable arm clip at the end so I can use my hands while holding the parasol upright?”


The detachable arm clip allows you to keep your hands free so you can text or use your favorite app while you’re on the go.

That didn’t seem to be much of a challenge so I said, “Sure.”  

Since my sister sometimes would fumble for her house keys when coming home after dark, I thought it would be pretty cool if I put a flashlight inside the handle of the parasol.  She loved it.  She said that the flashlight could light up the whole sidewalk in front of her.

Lastly, since she is active with her smart phone, I thought I’d make her parasol a smart parasol

I added a Bluetooth speaker that allows her to listen to music from her smart phone while she’s strolling along.


Umbrasolla is useful even at night when its flashlight can lead your way.

For good measure, I inserted in a USB charger into the handle which allows her to replenish her phone’s battery.

A cynic might say I put too much stuff into a simple parasol.  But, I love my sister and everything fits really nicely.  The parasol is collapsible, comes with a protective sleeve and easily stores away.

Her friends loved it

I handmade the first parasol and my sister loved it.  She showed it to her friends.  They loved it.  They wanted to buy one. 


So, I started the process of getting into a very limited production.  My sister’s friends showed the sample to their friends and they loved it and they showed it to their friends.  The friends of friends wanted to buy it.  Now, I had to get a little more serious about production.


And, I had to come up with a name. I looked to my sister for inspiration.  Without hesitation she said,



Umbrasolla it is—a high tech combination of parasol and umbrella.

The perfect product for folks our age


My sister thought this is the perfect product for folks our age, but she didn’t want me to gouge people on the price. 


“You can make a profit, of course,” my sister said to me, “but this is a product for our generation.  Be gentle.”  


My sister’s friends said they thought a fair price would be close to $100.  I don't want to go into full production yet, so I'm going to make only a limited number.  If you choose to be on this limited production, I'm willing to make it worth it to you.  I'll charge you only $69.95.


My sister thinks that's fair and really nice of me.  Then she asked me, "How about free shipping?  I hate to pay for shipping."


Since this is a limited production run, I agreed.  Free shipping.


I provide 100% 90-day money-back guarantee, of course.  Try it out in the sun.  Try it out in the rain.  If you don't think this is really the right product for you I'd be glad to refund your money.


There is a limit to this offer.  The big first one is if we quickly run out of Umbrasollas, then I would stop taking orders.   The second limit is time.  To get my sister's deal you need to order before 5pm December 1st.


Thank you for reading our story, and I hope Umbrasolla can be helpful to you.  I recommend that you pre-order today.

The parts of Umbrasolla

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